You Define Your ‘Blue Monday’

The third Monday in January of every year has been scientifically proven, by equation, that it is the most depressing day of the year. Dubbed the ‘Blue Monday’.

REVISION – the third Monday in January of every year is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. There’s an equation that exists, I guess, but this notion of ‘Blue Monday’ is completely nonsensical and was dubbed this through a PR strategy by a Travel Agency in 2005 to increase sales of holidays when people were told to feel their lowest.

It makes sense that people start to feel low around this time.

Christmas is over for another year, people are a little bit more in debt because of it. We are socialising less as our family and friends go back to their jobs and everyone has no money to do anything, you start to feel lonely. Adjusting to your dull job again makes you question ‘Is this really what I want to be doing?’ and the new years resolutions have been broken, or, are at least at serious risk of falling apart in order to help you cope with the January blues.

Therefore, we all need a made up day to concurrently revel in our depression. Right?


Blue Monday is a forced day. It’s a day that warps you into feeling sad, even if you aren’t. The words being plastered all over television, social media, newspapers and radio plants depressed thoughts in your mind.

Real Mental Health

I find the idea of a constructed day of depression disrespectful in so many ways to people that are actually suffering from real Mental Health problems.

The idea of Blue Monday is as far from the real notion of depression as you can get.

The truth is that people who suffer from depression cannot pin their depression down to one given date. There is not necessarily a specific trigger, event or day. Depression doesn’t just happen at a certain time of the year, when the sky is darker, the days are longer or the clock chimes in another year. Not everyone feels depression at the same time or for the same reason.

‘Blue Monday’ is a social construct that brings everyone together to believe they feel sad, when in reality someone suffering from depression can feel real isolation.

Debunk the myth

So instead of getting bogged down with articles titled ‘ways to overcome the most depressing day of the year’, instead appreciate that your life, although not perfect, is good. Because I can guarantee that your ‘depression’ will subside when the day is over, where others won’t.

‘Blue Monday’ is what you make it and not what these online articles tell you to make it.

I now contribute to that group. So listen to my advice or don’t. But I’ve decided to go against the curve and make this Monday a day of reflection. A day to remember all the reasons that I am happy. If you want to join me in this then go for it!

To start with, I was rewarded (for getting up early) with a beautiful golden sunrise and frosty morning dog walk.


It’s the simple things in life. Most of my mornings do not start like this! Usually this field is boggy, wet and miserable. But the so-called ‘blood moon’ eclipsed the previous evening, leaving a trail of orange hues in its place this morning.

Walking on the crunchy, frost-bitten grass coupled with the view of a copper-orange sky was a lovely start to my day. If this day is a day to appreciate colours, blue is not one of them.

Then my little Caramel bounded into view and made the morning even more delightful.


Just a few short months ago this was not her life.

Mornings like these are made especially more beautiful when you see your sweet rescue puppy blissfully running around, enjoying a life very different to what could have been. A previous life she’ll now never have to know.

Secondly, there really isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the next destination I’ll be travelling to.

This next destination for me is Venice and it’ll be the second time I’m visiting.

This time around we’re staying somewhere different because the hotel we would have stayed at was slightly pricier this time around. However, our new digs look pretty cool. I will report all once I’m back!

The thought of sipping (glugging) €3 aperol spritz on the edge of the canal in my favourite sestieri, Cannaregio, chowing down on bite-size cicchetti and exploring new areas with my love keeps me going.


I’m going back to refresh my knowledge of all my favourite bacari’s and osteria’s and I will update you on all the back-alley places you’ve gotta go!

Did I mention that we’re visiting Venice over the period that the UK is leaving the EU? Hopefully I get stuck there. That’d be something to look forward to!

Along with places planned, I always remember the places I am lucky enough to have already visited (and eager to return to!)

Visiting Mexico was the portal to me ever starting this blog. It unleashed a sense of adventure in me that I never knew I had.

I am dying to scuba dive with whale sharks again!


The Maldives is another destination that I will never forget. Small island life and daily scuba diving, real-life encounters with nurse sharks, stingrays, feather-tail rays, moray eels, octupus, barracuda and lion fish to name a few. For me, this is as close to heaven as you can get.

Alimatha jetty nurse sharks

Ireland – very close to home but very unexplored. Given I have a huge Irish family you’d think I’d remember more about Ireland than I do. I visited in 2017 but hope to visit again this year, with the dog in tow, to explore the vast expanse of walks that Ireland benefits from and catch up with family I see little of.

Ireland picture of picture

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my family and friends. I won’t explicitly mention everyone or we will be here until the third Monday in January of 2020.

*sidenote, I may not have that many friends but I could build a small army with my family.

Just know that you are all a part of keeping me happy.

As if I didn’t already know but my life is centred around walks, dogs, travel and family. Very few things are needed to sustain my happiness. May it continue!

‘Blue Monday’ you are officially banished! This Monday is all about being positive and looking forward to the adventures and memories that lie ahead.

Make this day the happiest day of your year yet.

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