Welcome to Miles of Caramel

To everyone that has ventured to this page, thank you and welcome to Miles of Caramel!


After condemning the obsessed insta-dog-parents, I caved and created Caramel her own instagram. From this I knew it was only a matter of time until she had her own space on my blog, too.

Here we are, 6 months later and Caramel┬áhas just that. Look how far she’s come!

In the short period since Caramel arrived from Greece, we have learned so much and come so far that I really wanted to share our experience because I am so proud of the dog she is becoming. Miles of Caramel is born!

Anyone that’s adopted a rescue will probably agree that it can be a real lottery of issues when they finally turn up at your door. Despite the amount of time you spend researching everything, sometimes you just aren’t ready for the emotional whirlwind they are about to take you on. In this regard we were very lucky with Caramel. Other than a couple of weeks barking when she first found her voice and the recall issues we are still working through, she’s been an absolute dream. We are besotted by our imperfectly, perfect little pup.


Miles of Caramel will be a space for lots of varied discussions. A space for us to share all our favourite dog walks in and around London, to dog-friendly holiday destinations and staycation recommendations, including what Caramel is fed & treated to and even how we train her & work through any issues, along with all sorts of other topics, from doggie accessories to daily life.

I am by no means a qualified dog trainer and we have had to consult a trainer for some of our own answers so any advice on training is just our personal experience and what worked for us. Every dog is different and therefore any advice I give may not necessarily work for you.

Without the dog community, both real-world and instagram-world that I’ve been so happily welcomed into, I wouldn’t be here talking about Caramel at all. So thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given thus far and I hope that this becomes a space that people want to come to and read about our adventures!

Lots of love and face licks

Meghan and Caramel


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