About Meghan

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I’m Meghan, a 23 year young Londoner with an aspiration for travel and all things foodie. I have a strict dependency on eating – everything and all the time. I also pretty much gorge on chocolate every day! When I’m not thinking about food I’m thinking about drinks…being from London I’m a full time gin aficionado, in search of all things fruity and botanical. When I’m not feeling malnourished or parched I’m usually planning my next holiday!

What is Miles of Meghan?

My backstory pretty much goes that I studied law for 4 years, obtained my undergraduate degree and masters and believed that the next stage was eventually to become a solicitor. Whilst I take great pride in having achieved this, I no longer wish to pursue this career path!

So, here I am, finally starting my blog with an aspiration to travel the world and write about it too. I’ll also include all the great places, restaurants, events and everything I’m up to on my home turf.

So sit back, relax and stay tuned! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my travel savvy tips, recommendations and rants as much as I will enjoy roaming and writing about them!