Welcome to Miles of Caramel. This a place for all our fellow dog lovers to read about our adventures, favourite places for walking, training progression and any recommendations for all things dog that we may have.

This idea was borne from the casual conversations I have with dog owners everyday and the growing online community of dog lovers I am now a part of. Before I owned a dog I would never have believed how much a dog can bring people together. I find myself talking to dog owners on a more regular basis than some of my friends nowadays and often a chat with a dog owner can completely turn my day around.

About Caramel

Caramel is an 10-month-old (we think) mixed breed dog. Once a stray puppy from Lesvos, now fully accustomed to city life in London. She was rescued and brought to her forever home by Wild at Heart Foundation. Despite her sad start to life, she is a very typical puppy, creating mischief for everyone in her path. She particularly enjoys sniffing, wandering and playing with other dogs. We have been ever so lucky to adopt a dog that is as close to perfect as we could have imagined. Since October 2018 she’s changed our lives and now we couldn’t imagine a home without her in it. 

You can read about Caramel’s rescue story if you’d like to know more or why not follow her on instagram?